Thursday, February 5, 2009

Georgetown In a Rut

The crowd was decidedly sparse (kind of like the amount of postings at one of my favorite Hoya blogs, The Van Buren Boys) for Tuesday night's home game against Rutgers. Georgetown won 57-47 to snap a 5-game losing streak. Before the streak, Hoya games were exciting and lively. The team looked like world beaters.

But now, the team looks like a Big East last-place team (which they were as of tip-off) against a high-school-like Scarlet Knights club. Rumor has it that Jessie Sapp and Chris Wright threw punches at each other in the locker room, but who knows what's causing this team to collapse.

On the court, Sapp led the unexcitement with 11 points and Greg Monroe followed with 10. Georgetown is now 13-8 and 4-6 in the Big East.

At least Peter and I ate good sushi at Wok and Roll beforehand. And, as an interesting footnote, Wok and Roll is in the same rowhouse where John Wilkes Booth planned the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

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