Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Top 4 Performances by Ralph Fiennes

Even though I've never been very good at pronouncing his name (Rayff?), I've always been a big fan of Ralph Fiennes. He's starred in some of my favorite dramas. These are his best performances:

04.) The Constant Gardener (2005): One of many roles in which Fiennes suffers great pain, this time because of his wife's death in Kenya.

03.) Quiz Show (1994): Perfect casting as the dry Charles Van Doren.

02.) The English Patient (1996): This seems to be a love-it or hate-it epic. I love it.

01.) Schindler's List (1993): The scene with him randomly shooting concentration-camp prisoners out his window is heart-wrenching.

Honorable mentions: Wuthering Heights, Sunshine, The End of the Affair.

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