Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eastward Beach Trek: Success

Our first full day in the Dominican Republic was a time to unwind with a 90-minute drive east of Susua to the beautiful Playa Grande beach.

We spent $70 total for chairs and a full fresh fish extravaganza, including three lobsters, buttered conch, a spicy fried fish, rice, and fried salty plantains.

The long beach had white sand, dramatic rock formations, and a subtle, nuanced rip tide crashing in a turqoise blue foam.

Dan took a semi-deserved nap while Tim and I hiked up the rocks over the east end of the beach. We had to cover our heads as we trekked through a rocky climb of coconut trees, in hoping none of them would fall onto our noggins. After Tim stepped in something very unpleasant, we hurried down the rock face on the other side to descend on a deserted and majestic beach named Playa Preciosa (pictured).

Making it back to the Tropix Hotel by sundown, we enjoyed beer, bread, cheese, and chocolate from the grocery store while enjoying the pool until bedtime.

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