Friday, July 29, 2011

Blogwatch: Shakespeare Gets a New Representative From the Wilds of the Web

Because there are so many great blogs out there like Pop Culture Lunch Box, this is a regular feature that will give these unheralded journalism enterprises a little love.

My great friend, fellow playwright, excellent comedian, and heroic everyman superhero Dan Sullivan, I'm thrilled to report, has started a blog called Fighting Sullivan (link has expired). This is the perfect medium for such a kind of person (in the center of the picture). He is brimming with creativity and I fear that, with him now unleashing his wild ramblings upon the world, the Internet is reaching its next stage of awesomeness.

Fear for us all.

All that said, I'm awfully glad he reported on another friend's latest theatrical performance. Tim Getman recently wrapped in a production of Merchant of Venice at the Shakespeare Theater in DC and I missed it. I would normally report on such a production in the form of a review. Dan approaches it differently. This video he posted on his blog is just weird. And I can't stop watching it.


  1. It is hard to stop watching it, isn't it, Mr. Mackie? Thanks for the Fighting Sullivan review, too. We must collaborate again to bring our musical masterpiece back to the stage, indeed we must. We owe it to the world. - Dan

  2. Indeed we do, Professor Sullivan, indeed we do.

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