Sunday, August 12, 2012

Savannah is for Walkers

In front of the famed Garden of Good and Evil fountain.
There are so many beautiful sights and photos I could share from my recent trip to Savannah. But it's always good to self-edit oneself, so these are the ones you get.

I was working and sick with a nasty summer cold for my four days in the Georgia city, but it was still fun to explore the city a little with my fun new colleagues at Mobility Lab who joined me there for the Association of Commuter Transportation conference.

Palm trees line many of Savannah's streets
My main advice for staying in Savannah is ... walk, walk, walk. Don't get on those trolleys unless you absolutely have to. Even in the sweltering humidity of July, the way this city should be enjoyed is by foot (or possibly bicycle if you are inclined and want to venture a little further out from the center).

Its southern charm is truly highlighted with a good old-fashioned stroll.

Homey restaurants and countless major discount and luxury chains line the city center streets, and shoppers will have plenty of choices

Candy purchases are a must in the stores in the market area and along the river. I bought a bag of peanut brittle, but at the counter, couldn't resist adding some pralines and other chocolate goodies

A view out my hotel room of one of the city's many beautiful clock towers

These pedestrians have the right idea. I watched them while eating BBQ in the park while the tourists on the trolley looked uncomfortably hot and bored

And, ahh, yes ... the Spanish moss

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