Monday, May 19, 2014

Puerto Rico Day 3 - Ham, Cheese, Powdered Sugar, and Beauty in Old San Juan

Aaaaand. Getting back to the recap of our April Puerto Rico trip.

When last I left you, you were hearing about Day 1 and Day 2 of our family's travels.

After breakfast on Day 3, we jumped onto the bus near our hotel in Isla Verde to head over about six miles west to walk around Old San Juan all day. 

Beautiful colorful architecture and cobblestone streets greeted us. Jackson loved the walk from the bus stop to the famed fort El Morro, which is a can't-miss major attraction, with dramatic high walls, views of a crashing surf below, and dozens of rooms to keep exploring and adventuring kids excited to see what's in each next room (a chapel, jail cells, doctors offices, kitchens, and much more). 

We walked about 5 miles in the old part of the city (which totals an impressive 1.1 million inhabitants along its 25-mile coastline, by the way). Jackson was a real trouper, not complaining once, and Zoey slept on Rachel's back much of the time. 

We ended the trek at Cafeteria Mallorca, which served us the famous Mallorca sandwiches with ham and cheese and powdered sugar on top. 

Craving vegetables in a country that doesn't seem to focus much on them, we found a delicious place back near our hotel called Bajuice Juice Bar and got smoothies and salad for dinner. Jackson and I ended the day with a swim in the Embassy Suites colorful nighttime pool. 

It's off to the rainforest in the morning.

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