Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The City of the Future is Closer, Calmer Than You Think

I was quoted in this fascinating USA Today article about the future of cities, which really could be like the Jetsons we have always imagined. It was also published in about 40 other Gannett papers in local markets throughout the country.

You really should watch the 1:30 animated video that shows what city transportation networks will look like. If that inspires you, my quotes are about halfway down in the middle of lots of other truly expert opinions:
Most transportation researchers agree that livability in urban centers is directly tied to “reducing the number of vehicles in those cities,” says Paul Mackie of Mobility Lab, a research startup funded by Arlington County, Va.
“It all starts with technology,” he says. “Transit data has to be open and shared, so we all know what (transportation) is where. We’ve been programmed for so long not to consider public transit options because we aren’t sure if we can count on them. Once we can efficiently get somewhere by transferring between a variety of options, everything will change.”

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