Friday, April 22, 2016

Video can be a great way to better define an unknown industry

Take a look at this two-minute video I appear in and co-produced with Astro Cinema for Mobility Lab.

I think it does a good job of describing "transportation demand management," which is an industry that has often had trouble diving itself and reaps bigger societal rewards than it is often given credit for.

As you watch, you'll no doubt easily understand what these transportation experts are talking about, and you'll be inspired to do a little bit of your own TDM (even if you'll never ever in your life actually say that you're "doing TDM").

Further, the video seems to be doing its job nicely, with about 500 views on YouTube and 400 on Facebook in just its first two days of release. Not bad for a "only" little topic.

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  1. It is so nice for me. It helps me more understand new things from experts. Thanks.