Friday, April 21, 2017

Who's the best TV news comedian now that Jon Stewart's gone?

Is it any coincidence that soon after The Daily Show with Jon Stewart went off the air, "fake news" becomes a buzzword?

I really miss his best-ever regular takes on politics and the media. To me, his former correspondent Samantha Bee is the best of what remains in his aftermath. But she's only on TV once a week.

Of course, now President Donald Trump sets the news every day with his early-morning tweets. With his endlessly fascinating and constantly out-of-left-field opinions, one could argue there's an amazing new comedian taking Stewart's place. But really, the next-best thing to Stewart is this new book, The Daily Show (The Book).

I have only just begun reading it, but here are four interesting nuggets to whet your whistle:

  1. Bob Mould's composition "Dog on Fire" was the theme song, and it was performed by They Might Be Giants. I always wondered what that song was, and I love the former Husker Du frontman, so I love Stewart just a little bit more now knowing that fact.
  2. His first guest, on January 11, 1999, was Michael J. Fox, who was then starring in Spin City.
  3. One of the reasons Stewart was so much better than his predecessor Craig Kilborn at taking on the news was that one of his writer hires was Ben Karlin of The Onion.
  4. Stephen Colbert filed reports for Good Morning America before he started working for Stewart. Well, actually, he got one report on the air after about 20 ideas he pitched that didn't make GMA's cut. Oh, those silly networks.
  5. A year before Stewart began his majestic run, he has a cameo in Dave Chappelle's Half Baked as an overzealous stoner who thinks everything is so much better on pot, including staring at the stars. (I just happened to watch this recently for the first time, and give it a very fun-loving 3.5 out of 5 stars.)


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