Friday, October 14, 2022

Pavement arrives for the concert event of the year in DC

My friend Scoots came all the way from Southern Illinois to see this one, and it was well worth it. Pavement played at the Warner Theater in DC on October 6. After taking our 11th row seats, with the seven other friends in our group, next to one of my favorites, Mary Timony of Helium and Ex Hex, we settled into watching a fairly eclectic setlist that included many of the gems from Pavement's catalogue that we had been hoping to see.

Here's a little clip from the punk anthem that has become even more apropos in these politically divisive times, "Two States:"

Here's the setlist:

  1. Play Video
  2. Play Video
  3. Play Video
  4. Play Video
  5. Play Video
  6. Play Video
  7. Play Video
  8. Play Video
  9. Play Video
  10. Play Video
  11. Play Video
  12. Play Video
  13. Play Video
  14. Play Video
  15. Play Video
  16. Play Video
  17. Play Video
  18. Play Video
  19. Play Video
  20. Play Video
  21. Play Video
  22. Encore:
  23. Play Video
  24. Play Video
  25. Play Video


  1. The political times reflected in music

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