Saturday, October 14, 2023

Taylor Swift has perfected recording, and now maybe concert films too

There really is no concert-at-the-movies experience as good as Taylor Swift:The Eras Tour. We just saw it in IMAX and about the only music film I can think that could compare is The Beatles Get Back, which we were all relegated to watching on our TVs during the pandemic.

Zooming from the clouds down into SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles and into the elaborate arena where the crowd is going nuts, it kicks off in major exhilarating style and never lets up for three hours. Taylor runs through various “eras” of her career, rather than the usual tour for the latest album.

The sets for each era - really for each second of the film - are simply astounding as is the camera work, spotting Taylor from every angle imaginable and yet somehow never getting in her way.

Even more amazing may be the fact that Taylor herself (and her many exceptional backing dancers and musicians) seems less tired at the end than probably 99 percent of her audience. The Swift era will be far from swift; it is here to stay.

5 out of 5 stars

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