Thursday, November 16, 2023

Unstable Season 1 is a very funny quick watch from Rob Lowe

I’ve been a big fan of Rob Lowe’s podcast Literally! for a while now. He's a funny and likeable actor who has lots of famous friends and his discussions with them are always insightful. 

So I figured his new show on Netflix, Unstable, had to be great as well. And it is.

Lowe plays the CEO of a sustainable plastics company also working on trying to capture carbon pollution into cement and his wife of 30 years has recently died, putting him and his son in fragile mindsets. He successfully gets his son to give up the music lessons he’s teaching in New York City and move back to L.A. to work as one his scientists.

The father-son relationship takes center stage, but there are several other funny interactions taking place throughout the quick-to-watch, eight-episode first season. Anna (Sian Clifford) tries to keep Lowe's company, called Dragon (his character's name is Ellis Dragon), together while its owner falls apart with a litany of eccentricities. One of my favorites is when he attempts to become a chainsaw-wielding tree trimmer. Ruby (Emma Ferreira) and Luna (Rachel Marsh) are hilarious working in the lab. And John Owen Lowe is pretty much the epitomy of his dad and is caught in the middle of everyone. Oh, and of course Fred Armisen keeps showing up in possibly even-more-bizarre-than-usual fashion.

I recommend Unstable for a wide audience demographic. For one, these episodes are barely 20 minutes each, which makes for a thankfully brief commitment compared to much of today's must-see-TV. And for another, it's one of the best comedies available on Netflix.

4 out of 5 stars

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