Tuesday, February 6, 2024

RIP Aston "Family Man" Barrett, plus my 30 favorite Bob Marley songs

Marley and Barrett
Anyone who has ever listened to a lot of Bob Marley and the Wailers knows that sound. That bounce. That groove. That skronk. Much of that sound was supplied by one of my favorite bassists of all-time, Aston Barrett. He has passed away in Miami at the age of 77 after a long illness.

Barrett joined the Wailers with his brother, Carlton, who died back in 1987 and was the drummer. The two provided a formidable backdrop to Marley's iconic singing and guitar playing. Aston Barrett was nicknamed Family Man because he was the father of 41 children. That feat alone was clearly a form of exercise, but that was one of the reasons he loved playing bass. He said it was like going to the gym for exercise.

I've been revisiting Bob Marley over the last few days and my 30 favorites are:

30. Crazy Baldhead
29. Real Situation
28. Coming in from the Cold
27. Stop the Train
26. Burnin' and Lootin'
25. Concrete Jungle
24. No More Trouble
23. Slave Driver
22. Jammin'
21. Keep on Moving
20. Satisfy My Soul
19. Johnny Was
18. Talkin' Blues
17. Who the Cap Fit
16. Them Belly Full
15. High Tide or Low Tide
14. Lively Up Yourself
13. One Love/People Get Ready
12. Stir It Up
11. Bend Down Low
10. Kinky Reggae
09. Buffalo Soldier
08. Get Up, Stand Up
07. I Shot the Sheriff
06. Waiting in Vain
05. No Woman No Cry
04. Three Little Birds
03. Redemption Song
02. Is This Love
01. Could You Be Loved (that little squiggle in the background kills me every time)

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