Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fantasy Football Arrives!

As I inevitably continue to get older, nothing seems nearly as routinely debaucherous as my annual sojourn to Osage Beach in the Lake of the Ozarks. It is there that I meet 11 old high-school/college buddies for one of my two Fantasy Football drafts each summer. They're all still living in the St. Louis area, while I come in from D.C. and Matt Wilson arrives from Salt Lake City.

This year's draft took place ridiculously early, as not a single preseason snap has occurred. That said, my team looks stronger on paper than recent years in this extremely competitive league. I got what looks to be a bevy of high-value picks. Agree? I was the 11th pick in the 12-team "snake draft" league.

1st round-Steve Slaton RB1
2-Frank Gore RB2
3-Phillip Rivers QB1
4-Terrell Owens WR1
5-Brandon Marshall WR2
6-DeSean Jackson WR3
7-Matt Cassell QB2
8-Chris Cooley TE1
9-John Carlson TE2
10-NY Jets D/ST1
11-Garrett Hartley K1
12-Cedric Benson RB3

Yeah, pretty sweet. But really, the whole point of this league is getting together with great friends once a year (that's Jeff Wahl and me in the photo). Sad it won't happen again for 12 months.


  1. that team looks suspect to me......

  2. The guy in the orange Bob Marley shirt is hot! I heard he has a really good fantasy team as well!! It was a great time...upset it's not for another 12 months as well. Share the story about you and the back of the boat spending some "quality time" together. I'm sure your fans would find it interesting. Miss ya P-Mack(your the yearly highlight)!!

  3. i'm trying to forget what happened in the back of that burned my eyes......

    lake of the ozarks

  4. Funny, I'm trying to REMEMBER what happened in the back of the boat! Great weekend whatever it was.