Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rockin' Photos: Day 1 at Pitchfork Music Festival

My good friend Francis Chung went to Pitchfork in Chicago this year so I didn't have to. Actually, we attended the great indie-rock festival a few years ago and it was so hot that it made me sort of lose my thirst for multi-day summer music adventures. But like I said, I'm lucky Fran went, especially so because he's an amazing professional photographer who works for, not only the best music Web site around, but also the curators of the festival.

Fran is nice enough to let me repost his work. So I'm taking the opportunity to highlight what I think are his best photos from the event. The first of three posts in this series looks at Day 1 of Pitchfork. He had some serious access, as you can tell from the pictures of legendary Yo La Tengo (above) and David Yow, the leader of Jesus Lizard, jumping into the crowd (left).

Check out the rest of Fran's Day 1 photos here.

By the way, my favorite Yo La Tengo albums are:
1. Painful (1993)
2. President Yo La Tengo/New Wave Hot Dogs (1989)
3. May I Sing With Me (1992)

My favorite Jesus Lizard albums? Eh, who care, but great photo.


  1. no love for electropura?

    that would be #2 behind Painful for me.....#3 would be i can hear the heart beating....

  2. I think their later stuff is really good, Chrome Lady, just a little more boring and ambient compared to their earlier, more rocking stuff. I find myself going back to the old stuff much more.