Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pop Culture in an Unusual Spot: Jersey City

I don't usually write a lot about food here at the Box. But my family recently lucked out on a tasty little Mexican pop-culture trove, hole-in-wall restaurant while passing through Jersey City, New Jersey on our trip to catch Wilco in concert.

Taqueria Downtown is apparently known for its brusque service, but we had an altogether pleasant experience, even with Jackson being his usual wacky 2-year-old self. We ordered delicious and authentic fish and pork tacos.

But the real reason I'm mentioning this seemingly mundane experience was the excellent collection of rock and 1980s collectibles in the place. Note the AC/DC barstools in the photo. There were also Three's Company cast photos, a mock Eddie Van Halen guitar, and other random nods to the likes of Charlie's Angels and The Bee Gees.

Definitely stop by for lunch if you're ever in Jersey City, which is right across the Hudson River from South Manhattan.

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