Saturday, March 24, 2012

Madonna's Top 10 Songs Cross My Borderline

I was just listening to Madonna's Immaculate Collection this morning. She truly is one of the best remnants of the 1980s. Those songs have stood the test of time, although I have almost no interest in anything she's produced over the past 20 years.

In honor of this list of Madonna's top 10 songs, please enjoy my lo-fi rendition of "Borderline," which comes in at #1 on my list and is also incidentally a lot of fun to play.

01. Borderline
02. Like a Virgin (her best video, wow!)
03. Crazy for You
04. Holiday
04. Into the Groove
05. Lucky Star
06. Cherish
07. Material Girl
08. Papa Don't Preach
09. Live to Tell
10. La Isla Bonita

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