Saturday, November 3, 2012

Roy Lichtenstein's Exhibit at National Gallery Well Worth a Visit

Rachel and I are both good artists, so hopefully Jackson will be a powerhouse. We were thinking he would really love to see the new Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the National Gallery, and sure enough he loved the cartoon-heavy show.            

Along with having the best cafeteria of all the museums on the DC Mall, the National Gallery is a fun place to wander through. For example, check out my photo of Jackson in front of the moving-walkway area that feels like a trip through a galaxy.

Jackson liked that, and also he liked Lichtenstein's pop-culture art. Famed for the dots on his paintings that he made with stencils, the exhibit displayed many of his best romance works (which remind me a lot of Archie, Betty, and Veronica) and his war pieces of flying aces in battle planes.

Lichtenstein's work stands up well to that of the master's, Andy Warhol. Now that the weather has taken a sudden shift for the cold, I highly recommend some time in this show. And Jackson got a book on how to draw people at the gift shop. He spent the rest of the afternoon drawing some Lichtenstein-like characters.

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